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House Sport

All children at H.H.P.S. are allocated to a House Team.

These House Teams are:
• Crosslands (blue),
• Galston (red),
• Sommerville (yellow)
• Wiseman (green).

During school sport each child rotates in their house teams throughout a variety of sports taken by staff to develop their fundamental movement skills. All of these activities are designed to increase their abilities in hand eye co-ordination, ball skills, sporting techniques etc.

Sports Carnivals

Students from HHPS participate in several carnivals throughout the year. These include:
• The Swimming Carnival in Term 1
• Cross Country in Term 2
• Athletics Carnival in Term 2 or 3
• Hornsby District Ball Games Carnival

Students gaining a high place in the Swimming, Cross Country or Athletics Carnivals have the opportunity to represent HHPS at the Zone Carnival for that respective sport. If successful they are then able to compete against students from the North Sydney Area and then possible State representation.

At Hornsby Heights we encourage each child to do their best and represent their school with dignity and sportsmanship. HHPS has a proud tradition of high achievement in all of these areas.

P.S.S.A. Sport

HHPS. is part of the Primary Schools Sports Association and we compete against schools in the Hornsby Zone.

Children who are interested in trialling for a number of different sports have the opportunity to be selected into our school sporting teams to compete in the PSSA competition or other carnivals or events which arise.

• Throughout Terms 1 and 4 Cricket and Softball are contested
• Terms 2 and 3 Soccer, Netball and AFL competitions take place against teams in the Hornsby PSSA Association.

Hornsby Heights fields competitive and enthusiastic teams in all these codes every year.

Special Events

The school also sends selected teams to participate in special Gala Days which occur throughout the year, including AFL in Paul Kelly Cup for Years 5 and 6 and Spring Cup for Years 3 and 4.

From time to time the school is approached by various sporting codes to run clinics with the children. If appropriate to the school program this is allowed to occur.