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Uniform Shop

See our new HHPS Uniform brochure.

Uniform Order Form 2020 (PDF 82 KB)

QKR - P&C payments (PDF 1151 KB)

The HHPS Uniform Shop provides parents with the opportunity to purchase all school uniform items and accessories from quality suppliers at competitive prices.

The Uniform Shop provides a friendly atmosphere to purchase the school uniform, and provides excellent customer service to assist parents with their requirements. Any profits made by the Uniform shop are put back into the school through the P&C.
The Uniform Shop has a co-ordinator, treasurer and several committee members.

The Uniform Shop also sells very modestly priced second-hand items that have been donated to the Uniform Shop – please check out the boxes/rack in the uniform shop or send in a request and we'll try and fill it. Unfortunately items are no longer sold on consignment.

The opening hours of the Uniform Shop and order forms appear regularly in the school newsletter. We always need more volunteers! The hours and frequency that the shop is open are directly affected by the availability of volunteers. Please contact the School Office or the Uniform Shop Co-ordinator if you can assist. The School Office can also advise you when the Uniform Shop is next open.

All secondhand items are sold onsite @ the Uniform Shop. All other purchases are made via QKR! Once received, it will be filled as soon as possible and sent home with your child or, if requested, it can be collected from the Office at a more convenient time.

The below list indicates the official school uniform to be worn by all children when they are representing the school, e.g. excursions, school photos. A number of items can also be worn on other days – these include: bottle green fleecy track pants for boys and girls in winter, bottle green gabardine culottes (worn with short sleeved polo shirt) for girls in summer. A number of accessories and other items are indicated on the order form, which appears regularly in the school newsletter.

Official School Uniform

Boys Uniform


  • Gold short sleeved polo shirt
  • Grey gabardine shorts
  • Grey short socks with green/gold band


  • Long sleeved gold polo shirt
  • Grey gabardine long pants
  • Bottle green jacket, sloppy joe or jumper
  • Grey short socks with green/gold band
  • Black shoes

Girls Uniform


  • Bottle green/navy/yellow plaid dress with yellow shirt collar
  • Green culottes with short sleeved gold polo shirt
  • White short socks
  • Black shoes


  • Bottle green/navy/gold plaid tunic
  • Long sleeved gold polo shirt
  • Bottle green jacket with school emblem
  • Green bootleg pants
  • White socks (long or short) or bottle green tights
  • Black shoes

Sports Uniform (Years 3-6 only)


  • Bottle green shorts
  • Polo shirt or t-shirt in house colour


  • Bottle green shorts or netball skirt
  • Polo shirt or t-shirt in house colour


House Colours

Crosslands - navy blue
Somerville – gold
Galston – red
Wiseman - bottle green