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The Band Program is a very proud tradition for HHPS! Students in Year 2 complete an assessment and have the opportunity to join the Training Band. After a year of development and experience in the Training Band children mostly move on to join the Senior Band. In addition, senior students may have the experience of the Stage Band, where a smaller auditioned group perform music in this style with passion! Band Camps, Workshop Sessions school and public performances all form part of the Instrumental Program available here at HHPS.

Why Have a School Band?

The HHPS Band program has been running since 1973. The School Band offers children an opportunity to develop the essential skills of teamwork in an environment that is challenging satisfying and fun an opportunity to experience success and self achievement regardless of their scholastic or sporting abilities a team activity where participants are not segregated by age or gender a lifelong discipline that builds self confidence and self esteem Band Activities Band members are required to attend a practice session one day each week. The Training Band usually meets before school commencing at 7:30am. Members of the Senior Band have weekly rehearsals after school, and a sectional rehearsal once per term. Opportunities for public performances are actively sought and participation in eisteddfods is encouraged. Band fees are charged per term, to cover the costs of the Band Director and musical scores. A Band Camp is held each year and all band members are expected to attend. The Band Camp results in considerable improvement to each child's individual ability and the band as a whole.


The Band Committee has a number of instruments available for hire. The usual hire period is two years. These instruments are allocated to children most suited to a particular instrument as indicated by an aptitude test and interview. Children may also hire instruments from music shops or purchase them new or second hand. Any child who has an instrument and wishes to join the band is welcome - there are no selection criteria.


All members of the Band are required to receive individual tuition specific to their chosen instrument. To facilitate this, the Band committee arranges for Tutors who come to the school and provide tuition during school hours. Children may also receive outside tuition.